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Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally, PLUS The Importance of the Kreb Cycle

Posted by Administrator on 3/10/2013

The body produces energy through chemical processes that take place within our cells. This is called metabolismMetabolism uses different metabolic pathways, including the Krebs cycle, for energy production.  Metabolism is described as the processes that direct energy from the food you eat into fueling normal growth, development and physical activity. 

The Krebs cycle is crucial to the process of fat loss because it is the metabolic pathway that the body uses to oxidize fat in the mitochondria.  The Krebs cycle is also the only metabolic pathway to burn fat in addition to carbohydrates and protein for energy production. Energy metabolism is a series of chemical reactions that result in the breakdown of foodstuffs, such as carbohydrates, fat and protein, by which energy is produced, used and given off as heat. The Krebs cycle is the only way that fat gets used in this energy production.

Try these natural metabolism boosting homeopathics that work with your body's Krebs Cycle and burn fat!

Metabolic-1 Homeopathic
Metabolism Remedy
1 fl. oz
            Our Price: $14.00

Contains:  Cell salts - help cells absorb nutrients properly and help correct metabolism
Amino Acids - If any amino acids are missing from in your diet, then your metabolism and all of your body systems will be affected.
Krebs Cycle Components - metabolic pathway to burn fat


D146 Homeopathic Remedy
1 fl. oz
Our Price: $18.00


N-24 Homeopathic Remedy
1 fl. oz
Our Price: $16.00


Indications:  Assists the metabolic balance in the body with Amino Acids, Tissue Salts and Glandular balancers. 

Joseph Andruscavage Date 8/16/2015
Are you suggesting I take all 3 for weight loss?
admin Date 8/16/2015
Hi Joseph, No, just spotlighting 3 of the metabolism boosting products we carry.
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