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The Essential Weight Loss and Nutrition Guide "eBook"
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The Essential Weight Loss and Nutrition Guide "eBook" review
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This guide teaches you how to successfully lose weight by making a few simple lifestyle changes to keep the weight off for a lifetime WITHOUT counting a single calorie and without sacrificing delicious food. 

What you WON'T get in this eBook:
  • No Yo-Yo Dieting, No Starving, No extreme low carb or low fat
  • No endless hours of cardio
  • No Severe Calorie Restrictive Diet (No 500 Calorie Diet, No Starving)
  • No obsessive dieting
  • No Metabolic Damage caused by extremely low calories
  • No training aimed at "Stick Skinny" - just lean, strong, tight bodies

What you'll learn in this eBook:
  • How to succeed at Fast, Successful, Long-Term Weight Loss and build the bikini body of your dreams
  • Basic Rules of Clean Eating.  Includes sample Grocery Lists & Sample Menus using REAL Food
  • Secrets To Speeding Up Your Metabolism and The Dangers Of Metabolic Damage
  • How To Avoid The Trap Of Skinny Fat and Why Scales Don’t Tell the Whole Story
  • Easy Steps to Nail Down Portion Control, Avoid Cravings, and Dine Out Healthy.
  • Why You Can’t “Tone” What Doesn’t Exist
  • How THIS Type Of Cardio Burns Up To 9 Times More Fat
  • 7 Critical Rules For Choosing A Protein Powder

FREE At-Home 30 Day Fitness Training Program

Guide Comes Complete with a Free 30 Day At-Home Exercise Program with training aimed at developing a lean, small, tight bikini body shape.  The 30 Day Fitness Training Program is designed to to rev up your metabolism and burn fat fast! 

  • Workouts can be done in the privacy or your own home using minimal equipment. 
  • Each Workout includes a step-by-step tutorial, & a printable version of the workout.
  • No GYM-BARASSMENT & No Equipment Needed!   Develop lean muscle and shed unwanted body fat with full body exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home
  • Develop a tight, lean, athletic curves, flat tummies and maintain a very feminine looking physique.

Beth P., WI Jan. 2014 and 8 months later Aug./Oct. 2014

"I've always been considered skinny because I'm so petite, but I was actually skinny fat; it's real! When I started with workout plans on considermefit.com I really didn't think I was going to gain much. I was so wrong! I tightened, toned, built muscle, and all around feel better! Between the workouts and nutrition guidelines I have never felt better in my own skin! For those wasting money on gym memberships- like I was; try this out for 1 month and I promise you will not be disappointed."

Look how far Beth has come since January! Holy Abs, she looks amazing but even more important to hear she FEELS amazing!  Strong is EMPOWERING, skinny is disheartening!  And Beth wasn't forced to give up wine or Christmas cookies either  The key is to develop a healthy lifestyle, NOT endless yo-yo dieting!

We'd all love to lose the weight super fast, but the truth to dieting is, you can not diet at all, you MUST make a LIFESTYLE change.

Have you ever lost 20 lbs, 30 lbs or even 50 lbs only to gain it all back?

According to Women's Health Magazine,
80 percent of people who have lost weight regain all of it, or more, after two years.

Have you ever gone from diligently counting calories and sweating it out at the gym, only to gain it all back a few years later?

Metabolic Damage, or Yo-Yo dieting - going from extremely low calories to high calories - can cause your metabolism to slow down and causes you to re-gain fat! This fat re-gain is thought to occur because the body is in ‘starvation’ mode, and instead of burning off those extra calories, it stores them in anticipation of not getting food again.

Fast, Successful, Long-Term Weight Loss
  • No Yo-Yo Dieting
  • No Severe Calorie Restrictive Diet (No 500 Calorie Diet)
  • No Metabolic Damage caused by extremely low calories

We have partnered with Fitness blogger Holly Brown from ConsiderMeFit.com to bring you this 30 Day Weight Loss Program. 
(click HERE to visit blog)

"A fit body is possible for everyone.  As a full time working mother, I share my best tips for obtaining a fit body and maintaining weight loss PERMANENTLY!  No starvation, No gimmicks.  Whether it's losing baby weight, or getting off the Yo-Yo diet cycle, this program teaches the basics of nutrition and fitness to show you EXACTLY how to maintain a healthy weight and a fit body for a lifetime.

I compiled the workouts and nutrition plan I followed to lose roughly 50 lbs into The 30 Day Weight Loss Program.  All workouts are done in my own home using minimal equipment.  The nutrition concepts are simplistic and do not require calorie counting.

If you are ready to STOP DIETING and START LIVING a healthy, fit life, full of energy and good health, join me for the most important 30 Day investment you will ever make. 

I look forward to working with you and helping answer your questions and achieve your goals!"

-Holly Brown, ConsiderMeFit.com

P.S. - I've been there.  Checkout my own post-baby weight loss!

Great product.
  I have used this product with HCG drops. It helped a lot.
  Reviewed by:  Will from New Yorl, NY. on 8/14/2014
Stay-at-home Mom Extraordinaire
  If you've ever made a purchase at Starbucks then you've spent more than the cost of this e-book. However, it's doubtful that a frappe chino will give you the invaluable information this little gem contains! Whether you're a beginner or you've been at it awhile, like me this book is sure to answer all your questions. If you are a beginner than you may have just hit the jackpot. If you follow this information you will save yourself so much time, effort and money. It had really helped me push past my plateau to reach my health and fitness goals. I LOVE their affiliation with considermefit.com. There is so much useful content on that site. It's one of my new fav's. I really can't believe how much my body has changed in only thirty days by following this nutrition information and by doing the thirty day fitness challenge. My stomach has tightened dramatically, I have definition in my arms for the first time into life and my cellulite has decreased, again, dramatically! I'm all in! Awesome job evitaminmarket.com and considermefit.com! I'm drinking the Kool-aid! (Organic, naturally sweetened with no artificial colors or preservatives, of course! :)
  Reviewed by:  Jennifer Hawley from Menomonee Falls, WI. on 2/4/2014
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