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Works every time!
  I have tried this product 4 times and I am never disappointed! As long as you take it and follow the protocol diet, it works! I can lose 20-35 lbs depending on how long I choose to do the diet with this product. I recommend this to everyone I can if they're looking for a great result because of this diet product!
  Reviewed by:  Rebecca Pollari from Floida. on 9/20/2019
Absolute BEST!
  This HCG formula is totally the BOMB in losing weight & keeping it off!!! I used it first in 2011 -2012 & Lost 106 pounds in 5 months time! Went from a 5X to an XL!!! Lost more inches than pounds & have kept it off since then & in May 10th til today July 26th I've lost another 37 pounds & can now fit comfortably in a size 12/14!!! IF you follow a 500 to 900 calories diet & eat healthy...It WILL come off!!! Best item on the market to help in losing weight. I make daily smoothies from fresh spinach/honey crisp apples/red bell peppers & blueberries in my Silver Bullet & then I have a regular meal. DO NOT Deny yourself what you like IF IT'S HEALTHY! I even add cheese & chicken thighs & corn & half & half in my coffee!!! Just don't OVER Indulge & you'll succeed!!!
  Reviewed by:  Karen from Pahrump. on 7/26/2019
  It works if you stick to it!!
  Reviewed by:  G Albrecht from Ravenna. on 7/21/2019
  Love this product and have used it in the past and it works if you use it properly. Lost 23.2 pounds in 39 days. Awesome customer service. Fast shipping. So happy I was recommended to buy from this place. I will most definitely order from them again and I have recommended to my friends and coworkers as well.
  Reviewed by:  Dena Ivancic from Vancouver, BC Canada. on 7/16/2019
  I have used this several times. I have used several different brands. They definitely work! As long as you follow the eating plan, it works. This is the only thing that works for me for weightloss.
  Reviewed by:  LeAnn from Fort Stockton. on 5/28/2019
Weight loss
  I purchased the Weight Loss Formula because of the great amount of success I've had with it in the past. Unfortunately, my medications along with poor dieting and age contributed to me having to restart this program. Now that I have, I've lost over 17lbs and the weight is continuing to drop. I couldnt be more happier.
  Reviewed by:  Joy from Illinois. on 3/18/2019
White Dove Weight Loss Formula
  I have used and recommended White Dove Weight Loss Formula since I first did the HCG Diet back in 2010. It is the most effective sublingual HCG that I know of. I coach people for the diet and some clients wanting injections, have tried them and soon changed to this specific brand after much research. I feel confident and safe with Weight Loss Formula.
  Reviewed by:  Tracy Brown from Tiburon, CA. on 12/28/2018
Author and eScentialist in all things essential oils
  This WLF is super and does exactly what it's intended if one follows a protocol that is proven to work. I love this homeopathic remedy!
  Reviewed by:  Sharon Kay from Appleton. on 8/20/2018
Easy weight Loss
  I like this product a lot the results are EXACTLY what I'm looking for. I found the low calorie diet easy to follow, that way I could meal prep.
  Reviewed by:  Veronica Bailey from Colorado. on 6/3/2018
Health care
  This is a good product ! You need to stick to a low calorie diet, the results are worth it.
  Reviewed by:  Margaret from 2992 Fairwinds Dr. Neenah Wi. 54956. on 3/11/2018

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